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The SEEK Science Club teaches children how to build products through science, technology, engineering, and mathematic content. We pride ourselves on exposing children to STEM or STEAM related activities that are not traditionally taught in school.

SEEK Science provide STEM or STEAM exercises related to children’s interest. These STEM activities can improve children’s strategic thinking skills, learn about the engineer process, and build projects that relate to the real world, independently.

Check out the monthly activities by subscribing to our SEEK Science Club community network. Your child will have access to monthly kits, YouTube videos, instructions, and some worksheets.

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Why is SEEK Science Club important? What makes our product different from other competitors? We know our kids are SUFFERING because there is an educational crisis effecting children involvement in STEM and or STEAM.

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SEEK Science Club provides culturally relevant content related to the Next Generation of Science standards.

There is a disciplinary of science that are taught in the classroom. We want children to become innovative thinkers by being able to be explore their imagination more freely.  We use the Next Generation of Science Standards because it focuses on 3 dimensions, which are:  

Scientific and Engineering Practices, Cross cutting-edge concepts, Core Ideas.

These dimensions will allow children to think as a scientist, build theories, investigate by using models; help students understand and explore the interconnections between various disciplines in science and engineering; and to prepare students with sufficient core knowledge.

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Newfound Love

Thank you for helping him gain so much interest in science!

Asia Ferguson

Parent Participation

Thank you so much, I learned a lot today

Leomise Allen

Thank you so much! We appreciate all you do for our babies

Stephanie Mc Donald

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